Relief Shading –  delivers highly detailed shading that combines colour and shadow to provide an easy-to-interpret, clearer view of bottom structure than contour lines alone.

SonarChartShading – gives a unique perspective of underwater topography at a glance. Created from the high-definition contour data within SonarChart, Navionics  shading presents a detailed rendering of the seafloor and lake bottoms in varying shades of blue.

Satellite Overlay – offers a top-down view of inland and coastal areas.

Panoramic Photos – give a better sense of the surroundings so you can evaluate your options.

NAUTICAL CHART – go boating with comprehensive charts derived from multiple official, government and private sources, displayed in a familiar look and feel.

SONARCHART™ – understand depths and bottom detail with our innovative 1ft/0.5 m bathymetry charts created using Navionics proprietary systems that process sonar data contributed by boaters with existing content.

COMMUNITY EDITS – get useful local knowledge from fellow boaters in this crowdsourced content layer packed with points of interest, navigation aids and variety of edits made by users of our boating app.

Advanced Features

Plotter Sync – allows compatible chartplotter owners to transfer routes and markers, update chart layers and more — to and from the Boating app.

Dock to Dock Autorouting  – choose your destination by selecting a point of interest, entering a lat/long or by tapping on the map. Dock-to-dock Autorouting calculates a suggested route.

Advanced Map Options – change the way you view Navionics charts and focus on the details that matter most to you

SonarChart Live – watch new 0,5 m personal HD bathymetry maps develop in real time as your boat moves along the water! It appears as an additional layer over your map, while it also gets stored on your device for future use.

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