When did you last update your you Navionics chart?


Navionics publish 1000’s of updates every day adding new and amended content to their worldwide database.

Upon activation, every updated Navionics card benefits from one year of free downloadable chart updates and advanced features

Update or upgrade? We are here to help you choose the right chart

Nautical Chart – comprehensive charts derived from multiple official, government and private sources, displayed in a familiar look and feel

SonarChart™ – innovative 1′ (0.5 m) bathymetry charts created using Navionics proprietary systems

Community Edits – useful local knowledge from edits made by users of the Navionics Boating app

Satellite Overlay with SonarChart Shading – for an enhanced awareness above and below the water.

Relief Shading  –  delivers highly detailed shading that combines colour and shadow to provide an easy-to-interpret, clearer view of bottom structure than contour lines alone.

3D View – to highlight key features *

Panoramic Photos – to get a better sense of your surroundings

*Check here for your plotter compatibility 

Your update & upgrade options

1. Navionics+ Updates card

2. Swap area or card type

3.Upgrade to Platinum+

1. Purchase a Navionics Updates card, activate it with your existing Navionics+ card, or a card from another brand (see below)

2.Swap to a new area or card type (per the table below). Visit your local dealer or send your card to Navimaps.

3. Update or upgrade to Platinum+ – Simply trade in your old card (per table below) to  get  Platinum+ premium features for half price.